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    The Christmas Stocking Tale

    The Collection of Classic Christmas Tales

    Plot Summary

    Two mice, Kit and Tuffy, have only Christmas Eve to find the ingredients they need to concoct medicine for their little brother Skip, who is very ill. With the help of three orphans who Mrs. Holts has taken in for this memorable night, they manage to avoid the terrible traps set by her son, George, and his cat, Mats. In the confusion, a Christmas tradition is born: the Christmas stocking.

    Voices (french):
    Carol Cassistat (Tuff), Paul Doucet (Kit), Paul Buissonneau (Le Curé), Dorothée Berryman (Madame Holts), Benoit Langlais (Georges), Edgar Fruitier (Docteur Stock), Stéphane Crête (Albert), Fanny Lauzier (Alice) and Marc Bélanger (Arthur)
    Marcel Jeannin (Tuffy), Arthur Holden (Kit), Walter Massey (Priest), Susan Glover (Madame Holts), Aaron Grunfeld (Georges), Terrence Scammel (Doctor Stock), Matthew Harbour (Albert), Pauline Little (Alice), James Harbour (Arthur) and Nancy Savard (Mats & Skip)
    Songs (french)
    La requête des démunis (Benjamin Verreault)
    Eh les malins (Martin Léon)
    C’est à minuit (Sarah Martel accompagnée de Marie-Michèle Gilbert, Kim St-Arneault et Marie-Pier Tremblay de la Petite Maîtrise de Québec)
    Songs (english)
    Hungry Children at the door (Laura Teasdale)
    Thanks to the Mice (Holly Gauthier-Frankel & Laura Teasdale)
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    3d animation

    Completed (2003)

    Nancy Florence Savard
    Nancy Florence Savard
    26 minutes 50 secondes


    Production company
    Productions 10e Ave
    Nancy Florence Savard
    Associate producer
    René Chénier
    Mathieu Lampron
    Scriptwriter-layout artist
    Philippe Arseneau Bussières
    Animation studio
    3D Interstation
    Original music
    Gilles Léveillé (directeur musical et orchestrateur)
    Sound design
    Studio Expression
    Nancy Florence Savard

    Canadian distributor

    Distribution 10e Ave Inc.

    Other information

    Nominated for best musical theme, Prix Gemeaux

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