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    mardi 19 septembre 2017

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    A complete universe is up there.
    Most of us, and especially kids live connected to it…
    But what is that world? Who lives in it?
    And most important… who manages that universe?
    Not humans exactly…but a great team of cloud cadets!

    Cloud Club, a comedy adventure about all that data stored in the cloud!

    St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Canada, September 19th, 2017 – 10th Ave Productions announces partnership on a uniquely conceived animated series, Cloud Club, with Maggie Moreno Studios, scriptwriter Marie Beardmore, and David Wollos/ThinkTank Emporium. Together with ThinkTank Emporium, 10th Ave will showcase the project to buyers and broadcasters at the upcoming Cartoon Connection, MipJr and Mipcom markets in Quebec City and Cannes respectively this October, and David Wollos will be proud to present Cloud Club at the Ottawa International Animation Festival Market, September 20-24.

    Based on an original concept by Argentina based artist/designer Maggie Moreno, Cloud Club is co-created by Paris-based scriptwriter Marie Beardmore. Conceived by Maggie and Marie and drawing on the latest Cloud technology World, Cloud Club is an exciting transmedia property.

    Cloud Club takes our three heroes on a funny and frenetic odyssey behind the Cyber-Curtain to a world that exists just beyond our many gadgets, where the digital Cloud world and the real world smash into each other. As recent graduates of The Cloud Academy, our three main characters Pi, Byte and Nano lead us on a journey of discovery, jeopardy, mystery and computer chaos in each thrill-packed episode.

    Cloud Club is a concept that will be embraced for its art as much as the concept with its visually stunning, technology driven universe unlike anything presented before.

    “We are very excited to be working with Nancy Florence Savard and 10th Ave, whose work we have admired,” says Maggie Moreno. All of us are very confident that we are bringing a unique concept to the market that will be embraced by a number of forward thinking companies that want to share in our adventure. “Technology is a ubiquitous part of our audiences lives and 10th Ave is excited to lead the creative team in developing a property that embraces leading edge advances in all areas, including television, gaming and online,” states Nancy Florence Savard, 10th Ave Productions’ President and founder.



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    About 10th Ave Productions

    10th Ave Productions is a film and television production house whose projects target an international audience, especially families, young people and children. Among its works distributed in more than 40 countries on various platforms: the 3D animated feature film The Legend of Sarila, the animated feature film The Rooster of St-Victor (renamed Rooster Doodle-doo by Universal Studio), a Christmas tales collection, and 156 episodes of the W TV series.

    The company will also release, in 2018, the animated feature Mission Kathmandu: the Adventures of Nelly & Simon and develops 7 other features and TV projects. 10th Ave also produces ebooks, web games and publishes music.


    About Maggie Moreno Studios

    Maggie Moreno and her husband, Alejandro Frigerio have more than 20 years experience in graphic design, providing Argentinian and international wineries with new branding, and wine packaging. The Studio has been recognized with many awards related to the wine industry. It has developed its own projects related to the Orange Industry, and always seeks to innovate, with products such as Wine region maps and a Wine Chess, technology devices related to preventative healthcare, and others, like website that offers health products to release stress as kratommasters.com using advanced web technology online

    Cloud Club is the studio’s first entertainment based concept being packaged for a wide reaching audience that are not quite old enough to appreciate their wine design endeavors.


    About Marie Beardmore

    Marie Beardmore is a Paris-based scriptwriter, whose credits include Sonic Boom, Squish, Zou, Alvin and the Chipmunks and more. She recently adapted the James Fitzsimmons’ book ‘Snowbirds’ for a feature film, to be produced by the Fabulous Fantasy Company, and is currently developing another of her own IPs with a global production/ branding company. She is the writer of John Coates’ official biography, The Man Who Built The Snowman, published by John Libbey.

    About ThinkTank Emporium

    ThinkTank Emporium was formed in January 2009 by distribution executive David Wollos, and licensing executive Joan Luks as an entertainment branding company representing content owners and their original properties to the television, film and licensing industries. A key focus of ThinkTank Emporium is the children’s and family category, where the company targets classic and original content including published books, unpublished manuscripts and branded family, toy products and cultivates these properties for television, licensing and retail.


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